Community Solutions, Not More Weapons: Toolkit

You may have seen that Mayor Brown and Council President Pridgen are proposing to purchase tasers and bolawraps for the BPD, as well as finance a data center, the details of that center are unclear. According to this article the price tag is $3.9 million which the mayor is hoping will be covered by federal grants that have not been received yet.

The People’s Contract: Toolkit

So many aspects of policing are influenced by the police contract – yet residents have virtually no input over what is in it! During COVID one of the only ways elected officials hear from their representatives are by phone, email and social media, so this is how city legislatures hear from YOU what matters to YOU.

Kids Not Cops: Toolkit

It’s pretty simple: Kids need care, not cops. Black and brown youth are targeted and criminalized by cops in their daily life – they shouldn’t be harassed at school too. Tell the Board of Ed: Take all police out of Buffalo schools, immediately!

Defund the Police: Toolkit

The Buffalo Common Council adopted a resolution titled “Defunding Police Forum” on June 23, 2020. This resolution calls on the Council to create a system to collect and compile written input from stakeholders on their ideas of reallocating funds in the city’s upcoming operating budget.

Police Oversight: Toolkit


The Buffalo Police Advisory Board has submitted draft legislation to the Common Council to establish a new oversight board that would hold police accountable. The new body would be composed of community members only, and would have the power to subpoena power to investigate complaints and, most importantly, a process for making sure police are disciplined or fired for misconduct.