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Do 3 things in 3 minutes for #ParoleJustice TODAY

Do 3 things in 3 minutes for #ParoleJustice TODAY

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3 Easy Steps to Win #ParoleJusticeNY

We’re asking you to take three simple actions TODAY to help bring #ParoleJusticeNY to New York State. There’s a crisis of aging, despair and death in New York prisons caused by brutal and extreme sentencing and blanket denials of parole release by a racially biased parole board. To address this crisis, grassroots activists led by directly impacted people and families are working to pass the Elder Parole bill and the Fair & Timely Parole bills which, together, would simply ensure that people in prison have meaningful opportunities for individualized consideration for parole release based on who they are today, what they’ve done to change, and whether they pose a risk of violating the law again. These bills are critical to dismantling mass incarceration, saving lives, and saving money that could be re-allocated toward real community safety, healing, and support. 

3 Easy Steps to Win #ParoleJusticeNY!

1.) Please use this quick and easy Phone 2 Action Tool TODAY to call, email, and tweet at your NYS Legislators and urge them to pass the Elder Parole and Fair & Timely Parole bills to bring hope and healing to families across the state.

2.) We are looking for a groundswell of support this week, so use the tool TODAY and get the word out on social media using this social media guide.

3.) In addition to using the tool yourself and boosting it on social media, please share this post with 5-10 people living anywhere in NY State right now!