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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Advocates and Family Members Hold Rally Calling on Gov. Cuomo to Release Dying 70 Year-Old NYC Native Arthur Green from Wende Prison in Buffalo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Advocates and Family Members Hold Rally Calling on Gov. Cuomo to Release Dying 70 Year-Old NYC Native Arthur Green from Wende Prison in Buffalo

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Arthur Green's Uncle, Akinglana-Wali Muhammad with Demonstrators Outside Governor Cuomo's NYC Office

Contact: Dave George
Phone: (631) 885-3565


The Group Called on Cuomo to Grant Clemency to Arthur Green and Other Old and Sick Incarcerated New Yorkers and Demanded Lawmakers in Albany Pass the Fair and Timely Parole Act and Elder Parole Bill

(New York, NY) — November 12, 2020 — Advocates from the Release Aging People in Prison Campaign and family members of incarcerated person Arthur Green rallied outside Governor Cuomo’s New York City office to call on Cuomo to release the incarcerated native New Yorker, who is 70 years-old, has been in prison 44 years, and is currently dying in prison hospice of end stage renal failure. 

The group uplifted Mr. Green’s case to continue their calls for Cuomo to grant wide-sweeping clemencies to incarcerated older New Yorkers. Advocates also highlighted their demands for lawmakers in Albany to pass the Elder Parole Bill and the Fair & Timely Parole Act in response to Governor Cuomo’s and the Parole Board’s unwillingness to release incarcerated older people who have served decades in prison and pose minimal risk to public safety. 

Gy Green, Arthur Green’s younger sister, said, “It has always been my dream for my brother to be released from prison. It was my dream at 13 years old and it is my dream today at 58. All who see, know, and interact with him know he is no threat to society. It is time for the powers that be to release him into the arms of loved ones who are ready to care for him. Yes, he has family and we are prepared for his return to us.” 

Akinglana-Wali Muhammad, Arthur Green’s uncle, said, “It is not easy for me in this moment. But I’m thankful and grateful to be here. And I pray my nephew comes home.”

Director of the Release Aging People in Prison Campaign, Jose Saldana, who served 38 years in prison, said, “I want to remind us that although we’re uplifting the story of Arthur Green, we are also calling on Governor Cuomo to grant clemency to the hundreds if not thousands of others in his position. This is not justice, this is genocide. Mass incarceration is genocide.”

Pedal Miranda, New York City Community Organizer with the Release Aging People in Prison Campaign, and Bronx resident, said, “I don’t know Arthur Green but I know men like him. When I heard his story, I knew I needed to show up. He should be home. Governor Cuomo has the power to do that. He’s only granted five medical parole releases since March. In a pandemic! That ain’t right.”

Donna Robinson, Western New York Regional Organizer with the Release Aging People in Prison Campaign, and resident of Buffalo, where Arthur Green is dying in prison hospice, said,  “To be in hospice and a senior with renal failure is far worse than my mind can comprehend. It is heart wrenching to have served a lifetime in any prison and your last days be on a dialysis machine, too weak to do anything less alone harm anyone or anything and imprisoned. No one is irredeemable and Gov. Cuomo can learn a lot from other progressive states. Free Arthur Green, send him home, detaining him serves no moral or legal good to anyone.”


To learn more about Release Aging People In Prisons(RAPP) and their work check out their website.