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Buffalo’s New Programs To Help Drivers Avoid Costly Fees And Tickets

Please share these flyers widely with your networks about the City of Buffalo’s new programs to help drivers avoid costly fees and tickets: Fix-It tickets, Stop Receipts, and the Buffalo Motorist Assistance Program. Please share on social media and, if you’re able, please print these flyers and post them in your workplaces or public places you visit to spread the word!

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Design, Not Cops – FFFC Press Conference

Just this week the Fair Fines and Fees Coalition found out:
Only 11% of Buffalo patrol officers are issuing stop receipts in compliance with Mayor Brown’s executive order
68% of BPD traffic stops were Black drivers, only 19% of stopped drivers were white
We need a public database of all stops, both traffic and pedestrian, which the Common Council has tabled and not reintroduced
Using just 9 school speed cameras, the City is pulling $1.25 million per week from our community members, which is 91% of what NYC makes off 750 cameras
The City is trying to balance its budget by issuing 5000 tickets a week for driving 26 mph in school zones
Infrastructure like speed bumps, chicanes, lane narrowing and other slow street design is the way to make our streets safe, not cameras, tickets or policing.
Join us on Friday to demand that city leaders take action to make traffic safe by design, not by discriminatory enforcement!

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