NY State Assembly Correction Committee Passes The Fair & Timely Parole Act

Today, the New York State Assembly Correction Committee  passed the Fair & Timely Parole Act. Communications and Policy Associate, TeAna Taylor, released a statement on behalf of The People’s Campaign for Parole Justice, “If signed into law, the Fair & Timely Parole Act would ensure that parole release decisions are based on who incarcerated people are today. It would also mean that people like my father, who will one day go before New York’s Parole Board, will actually receive a fair chance at release.” Read TeAna’s full statement here.

Another Voice: Buffalo police don’t belong in traffic enforcement

In its recent editorial, The News’ editorial board argued to keep the Buffalo Police Department in traffic enforcement. We respectfully disagree.

The board makes flawed assumptions about the efficacy of traffic enforcement by police, arguing that more traffic enforcement decreases the risk of speeding and dangerous driving.

However, a recent study by the National Institutes of Health found that speeding citations have limited effects on deterrence.

Brown administration rejects report critical of school zone speed cameras

Debate raged Tuesday over Buffalo’s School Zone Safety Program that uses speed camera technology to enforce the 15 mph speed limit at 20 locations near schools in the city.

Buffalo Parking Commissioner Kevin J. Helfer, during the Common Council’s Legislation Committee meeting, rebuffed an independent review of the program presented earlier this month to the Council.